A Ship event reflects when one or more product items are moved from one location to another either within your own business or changing custody to another Company. The product maintains its physical properties with a Ship event.
A Ship event is always accompanied by either a Receive event or a Rejection that notifies the shipper there was an issue with the original ship event record. An internal ship event can also be automatically received by selecting the checkbox in the event to streamline product movement internally. 

Note: All Ship events are written to the blockchain to capture the chain of custody and movement of the product.

Ship item(s) to a Company in your Network from your Current Inventory

Here's how to capture shipping a single item of your inventory to a Company in your Network in Wholechain. 

Navigate to the Products page from the left-side menu, and then to the  Current Inventory tab of the product you are shipping.
Select the item(s) you'd like to ship, and click Actions > Ship
In the grey box at the top of the drawer, you can edit the input product information such as the input the quantity and ship date that reflects how much of the product was shipped and when the product was actually dispatched. If you have selected multiple items to ship and they were dispatched on different days, select the "Multiple Dates" check box to input a date for each item. 

Select the recipient Company and location. If you wish to include any custom data in this event, you can also select a custom data template.
Click  Log Event and the product you've shipped will move to the  Shipped Inventory tab with the status "Pending." Once the recipient confirms or rejects the Ship record in their account, the status will update to either  Confirmed or Rejected

Batch Ship multiple products and items

Our batch ship feature allows you to easily consolidate ship events for multiple products, lots, and shipment dates. You can group these items based on actual shipments, or to reflect multiple shipments that dispatched over a period of time. 


  • After logging a batch ship event, each line's individual ship record will appear as a separate line for the recipient to receive into their inventory.
  • You can include multiple products and line items in your batch ship event as long as they are all assigned to the same location in your Wholechain account. In other words, batch shipments can only go out from one location.
  • You can split quantities and assign pallet or container identifiers in each line to mimic actual logistical units shipped. 
Navigate to the Shipping and Receiving page.
Click  Actions > Batch Ship, and a blank Batch Ship template will appear. At any time while setting up the Batch Ship event, you can press the Save button in the top right to save a draft of the record. 
Select the location your product will be shipping from using the Ship From dropdown. Again, Batch Ship events can only ship items from one location, so only items at the selected location will show up as options to be included in this event.

Select the recipient using the Ship To dropdown as well as the delivery location.
Assign your Batch Ship record a Ticket ID, and select  which blockchain you'd like the ship event details to be written to. Select the date of shipment or click the "Multiple Dates" check box if line items were shipped on different dates. 
You can either upload a CSV file or manually input the information about your batch shipment. If you use a CSV, download the template and fill out the CSV based on the column headers of the downloaded file. Otherwise, click  Add a row to add each item, and select each line's product and item using the dropdown fields that pull from your current inventory. Using the  Edit,  Save and Duplicate buttons, make sure the dispatch dates, quantities, logistical unit IDs and PO numbers reflect each item you are shipping. 


Once you've filled in and reviewed each line, click Ship. You’ll see each line item appear as a separate ship event record in your Shipped Inventory folder with the status "In Progress" while it's being written to the blockchain, followed by "Pending." Once the recipient confirms or rejects the ship records in their account, their statuses will update accordingly. 

Note: Another way to ship multiple products at once is to first aggregate them, which means simply group them together for shipment or storage. As soon as your products are aggregated, simply follow the steps outlined above for single or bulk shipping. 

How to ship to a customer not on Wholechain

It's possible to log a ship event even if the recipient is not on Wholechain. Navigate to your Network page and select to Add a company using the button in the top right corner of the Network page. Simply indicate that the Company is not a Wholechain user and fill in the Company details.

The steps related to logging the ship event will be exactly the same as if the Company had a Wholechain account. The difference is that the ship records cannot be "confirmed" upon receipt by the Company in Wholechain, so they will remain in Pending status. Please note that until the downstream Company joins Wholechain, the visibility into the supply chain will end at this event. 

How to Ship items to locations within your business

Our internal ship and receive events document when a product moves internally within your company or organization. This is applicable for companies that are vertically integrated, or who move product between business locations while maintaining custody. The product maintains its physical properties with an internal ship/receive event while the location changes. Business locations can be set up in the Business Settings of your Wholechain account.

Navigate to the  Products page from Wholechain's left-side menu, and click on the product you'd like to move between locations.

Select the item(s) from the Current Inventory tab that you'd like to transfer, and click  Actions > Ship. 

Select your own Business as the recipient Company and select the location you are transferring the product to. The option to automatically receive will show up. If you wish to have both the Ship and Receive event captured at once, select this check box and input the receive date. If you do not wish to automatically receive the product, it will appear in your Pending page after you complete the Ship event.

If you wish to include any custom data in this event, you can also select a data template.

Click Log Event. If you did NOT automatically receive the event, the product you've shipped will move to your Pending box in Shipping & Receiving with the status "Pending." If you automatically logged a receive event, watch for the notifications that indicate that the two events were successfully logged. Do not refresh the page during this time or log out if you want the events to successfully write to the blockchain. 

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